Killer App wins “Best Use of GoPro”!

Our horror short from the San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival has won the “Best Use of GoPro Camera” award! For anyone who hasn’t yet seen the film, I won’t spoil how we used it, but suffice to say that it is the closing shot of the movie. Check it out on my videos page.

Thanks to the folks over at GoPro for our prize – a brand new GoPro Hero 2 camera, and WiFi BacPac. I can’t wait to start using it!

Killer App – 48 Hour Film Project Trailer

Check out the trailer for the 48 Hour Film Project I directed a couple of weeks ago!

We picked genres out of a hat, and our team drew horror. We had to incorporate three elements; a phone, a news reporter named Gary Greenberg, and the line, “Where are we going?”

So our team created a film about a demonic cell phone app – a Killer App, if you will…