Thane of East County

THANE OF EAST COUNTY is my first feature film as a writer / director. It’s the story of two theatre actors in a production of Macbeth who are lead down a dark path as they discover their lives beginning to mirror the plot of Shakespeare’s bloodiest play. Tentatively scheduled for release sometime in 2017 – check back here or at the THANE OF EAST COUNTY website for news and updates!



Thane at Cinema on the Bayou

logoI’m thrilled to announce that my film THANE OF EAST COUNTY is an official selection of the upcoming Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana! I’m also thrilled to have a great excuse to visit Cajun Country. This is going to be my first-ever visit to the American South – a travel blind spot I’ve long been hoping to rectify. You can’t be a music nerd and not get a little frisson when someone mentions Louisiana. Looking forward to good food, good tunes, and good films at the fest.

First rolls of film in 15 years – North Park and Hillcrest

The last time I shot a roll of film was probably in 2001, when I backpacked around West Africa with my friend Andy. But now I’ve finally put aside my digital cameras and gone back to good ol’ Tri-X black and white film, using an old Canon TX camera that I had lying around, and also a medium-format Yashica Mat 124G I just acquired. I’m digging the results – more to follow!

Here are a few photos taken on strolls through San Diego’s North Park and Hillcrest neighborhoods. Taken with 120 Kodak Tri-X 400 on the Yashica Mat 124G.

Man on Street, North Park, San Diego

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